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Jane Green

M.Sc., British Columbia, PhD (Memorial), CFMG

Discipline of Genetics (Cross Appointed to Oncology)

Faculty of Medicine
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John’s, NL Canada,    A1B 3V6
t: (709) 864-6686
f: (709) 864-6537

Research Interests:  

Genetic isolates resulting in clusters of genetic disease; hereditary eye disorders; hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer; Bardet-Biedl syndrome; and hereditary breast cancer



1991 – 1995: Ph.D. (Medical Genetics), Memorial University 

1980 – 1981:  Research year in Medical Genetics and Ophthalmology: Drs. Barbara   McGillivray, Jean Carruthers, & Craig Beatty, University of British Columbia and Vancouver General Hospital

1964 – 1965: M.Sc. (Genetics), University of British Columbia

1960 – 1964:  B.Sc. (Zoology), University of British Columbia


Professional Experience:  

2004 – present:   Professor, Discipline of Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University  

1990 – present: Cross appointment, Department of Surgery (Ophthalmology), Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University 

1996 – present:  Staff privileges as Scientist, Non-Medical, Department of Medicine,   Division of Endocrinology, Eastern Health

1996 – present:   Consulting privileges as a Scientist, Non-Medical with the Newfoundland Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation

1997 – 2000: Associate Professor, Discipline of Medicine, Memorial University 

1991 – 1997: Assistant Professor, Discipline of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University 

1990 – 1991:  Lecturer, Discipline of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University


Disciplines of Medicine, Oncology and Surgery


Dr. Green's research has made use of the unique features of the Newfoundland population - large family size, genetic isolates resulting in clusters of genetic disease, and well-documented migration patterns to, and within, the province.  This research has enabled her to document the spectrum and variability of clinical disease within and between families, to collaborate on mapping relevant disease genes, to correlate clinical phenotype and specific mutations, and to apply this data to improved management of the genetic disorder, whether hereditary eye disease or hereditary cancer.

Dr. Green's role in genetic research projects is the complete ascertainment and accurate clinical characterization of the family or families, and archival studies.  She works closely with molecular geneticists and genetic counsellors.  Families participating in the research have benefited from clinical and genetic screening programs developed and implemented based on the research results.

Among the genetic diseases Dr. Green has helped research with hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer, Bardet-Biedl syndrome, hereditary eye disorders, and hereditary breast cancer.  Her current work with hereditary breast cancer research involves education and dissemination of the information to clinicians and consumers to boost acceptance and reduce anxiety due to new advances.  In the last five years Dr. Green has published 17 refereed papers, contributed one book chapter to a collective work, presented 19 abstracts and made 41 invited presentations.

Financial Support:

Faculty of Medicine

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