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Communications - News at Medicine - April 2012 - Cancer research featured internationally

Cancer research featured internationally
April 4, 2012
Recently published research from Memorial’s Terry Fox Cancer Research Laboratories is the featured Biomedical Picture of the Day for April 4 on a website managed by the UK Medical Research Council Clinical Sciences Centre.
The website article is titled Location, Location, Location, and features the locations of two different versions of a protein called MIER1, in breast cancer cells, revealed under the microscope using a brown chemical tag. One version is found inside the nucleus of cells, where it controls genes, while the alternative version tends to lurk outside the nucleus. MIER1 shifts from inside the nucleus to outside as breast cancer develops.
The original article published in PloS ONE, titled Differential Splicing Alters Subcellular Localization of the Alpha but not Beta Isoform of the MIER1 Transcriptional Regulator in Breast Cancer Cells, was authored by Drs. Laura Gillespie and Gary Paterno, graduate student J.A. Clements and research assistant F.C. Mercer.

Dr. Gillespie noted that the MUN Libraries have recently decided to pay the fee for faculty members to publish in Open Access journals like PloS ONE. “This contributed to my ability to publish there,” she said.

The images and article on the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre page will be in the site’s archives after April 4.

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