The Workhorse - Phil Williams - graduate student, and now aspiring physician, who had the unenviable task of identifying, reviewing and cataloging most of the variant data contained on this website

Phil's Nemesis - Michael Woods - the cruel taskmaster who proposed Phil should perform these tasks as part of his graduate work.

Overseer and Conspirator - Ban Younghusband - Phil's supervisor who gave this project the thumbs up

Friend of Phil & Caretaker - Amanda Careen - altruistic fellow graduate student who volunteered to help Phil and now is maintaining the database

Friend of Phil II - Laura Edwards - enthusiastic undergrad who helped Phil retrieve publications, read papers and catalog variants

Webmaster of Disaster - Ed Davis - database guru who constructed the website and created its interface

Artistic Director - John Crowell - graphic designer making it all look better

Enabler - John McLaughlin - principle investigator of a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Interdisciplinary Health Research Team Grant (#CRT-43821) which supported this endeavor

The creation of this website was partially possible by financial support from the CIHR and the NCIC.

Hosting is provided by the Health Sciences Information and Media Services in the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland.