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Global Health

Global Health Office

The Global Health Office supports global health teaching and learning in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in the Faculty of Medicine and graduate programs  in the Division of Community Health and Humanities.  As part of the philosophy of social accountability  in the MUN Faculty of Medicine, the Global Health Office facilitates service learning, research, and experiential opportunities that enhance knowledge about the relationship between health and social justice.  The mandate of Global Health Office includes:
  1. developing and supporting safe, ethical, and educational clinical training, observerships and research opportunities in low resource/international locations.
  2. preparing trainees for cross cultural experiences and international travel
  3. increasing awareness about social, environmental and cultural inequalities and challenges faced by under-resourced communities and marginalized or vulnerable populations at home and abroad;
  4. promoting equity, justice, and access to health care for vulnerable populations;
  5. enhancing understanding and respect for cultural differences and developing skills for culturally responsive research and practice
  6. aiding in the development of respectful partnerships in the promotion of health equity at home and abroad;
  7. promoting advocacy for global health issues.
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