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King JJ, Manuel CA, Barrett CV, Raber S, Lucas HM, Sutter P, Larijani M. Catalytic pocket inaccessibility of activation induced cytidine deaminase is a safeguard against excessive mutagenic activity, Structure. 2015,

Squires K, Monajemi M, Woodworth CF, Grant MD, Larijani, M. Impact of APOBEC mutations on CD8+ T cells recognition of HIV epitopes varies depending on the restricting HLA. JAIDS. 2015

Kolypetri P, King J, Larijani M, Carayanniotis G. Genes and environment as predisposing factors in autoimmunity: acceleration of spontaneous thyroiditis by dietary iodide in NOD.H2h4 mice. International Rev. Immunol.2015
 Monajemi M, Woodworth CF, Zipperlen K, Gallant M, Grant MD, Larijani M.  Positioning of APOBEC3G/F mutational hotspots in the human immunodeficiency virus genome favors reduced recognition by CD8+ T cells. PLOS ONE. 2014.

Zahn A, Eranki AK, Patenaude AM, Methot SP, Fifield H, Cortizas EM, Foster P, Imai K, Durandy A, Larijani M, Verdun RE, Di Noia JM.  Activation induced deaminase C-terminal domain links DNA breaks to end protection and repair in class switch recombination. PNAS. 2014. 


                     ●Abdouni H, King J, Suliman Mw , Quinlan M , Fifield H, Larijani M. Zebrafish AID is capable of deaminating
                     methylated deoxycytidines. Nucleic Acids Research. 2013. 


                     ●Abdelfatah, N,  McComiskey, D, Griffin, A , Moore, S , Negrijn, C , Hodgkinson, K , King, J , Larijani, M ,
                     Houston, J ,  Doucette, L , Stanton, S, Young, T. Identification of a novel in-frame deletion in KCNQ4 (DFNA2A)
                     and a convincing case of phenocopies in a multiplex family with variable ADSNHL. Eur J Hum Genet.

                     Larijani M, Martin, A. The Biochemistry of Activation-Induced Deaminase and its physiological functions.
                     Semiinars in Immunology 2012.


         ●Monajemi M, Woodworth CF, Benkaroun J, Grant M, Larijani M. Emerging complexities of APOBEC3G
         action on immunity and viral fitness during HIV infection and treatment. Retrovirology. 2012


Dancyger, A, King J, Quinlan M, Fifield H, Tucker S, Saunders H, Berru M, Magor B, Martin A, Larijani M.  Differences in the enzymatic efficiency of bony fish and human AID are mediated by a single residue in the C-terminus that modulates single-stranded DNA binding. FASEB J. 2011. 


Fritz JH, Rojas O, Simard N, McCarthy D, Hapfelmeier S, Rubino S, Robertson S, Larijani M, Gosselin J, Ivanov I, Martin A, Casellas R,  Philpott D, Girardin SE, McCoy KD, Macpherson AJ, Paige CJ, and. Gommerman JL. Acquisition of a multifunctional TNFa/iNOS-producing IgA+ plasma cell phenotype in the gut. Nature. 2011. 481(7380):199-203

Duvvuri B, Duvvuri, VR, Grigull  J, Martin, Pan-Hammerstrom Q, Wu GE, Larijani M. Altered spectrum of somatic hypermutation in Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disease characteristic of defective repair of mutations. Immunogenetics. 2011.


Frieder D, Larijani M, Collins C, Shulman M, Martin, A. The concerted action of MSH2 and UNG stimulates error-prone repair at A:T basepairs in hypermutating B cells. Mol Cell. Biol. 2009. 


●Larijani M and Martin A. ssDNA structure and positional context of the target cytidine determine the enzymatic efficiency of AID. Mol Cell. Biol. 2007


●Larijani M, Petrov A, Kolenchenko O, Berru M, Krylov S, Martin A.  AID associates with single-stranded DNA with high affinity and a long complex half-life in a sequence-independent manner. Mol Cell. Biol. 2007. 


Frieder D., Larijani M, Tang E , Parsa JY, Basit W, Martin A.  Antibody diversification: mutational mechanisms and oncogenesis. Immunol. Res. 2006.

●Larijani M, Chen S, Cunningham LA, Volpe JM, Cowell LG, Lewis SM, Wu GE.

The recombination difference between mouse kappa and lambda segments is mediated by a pair-wise regulation mechanism. Mol Immunol. 2006


●Larijani M, Zaheen A, Frieder D, Wang Y, Wu GE, Edelmann W, Martin A.  Lack of MSH2 involvement differentiates V(D)J recombination from other non-homologous end joining events. Nucleic Acids Res. 2005


●Larijani M, Frieder D, Sonbuchner TM, Bransteitter R, Goodman MF, Bouhassira EE, Scharff MD, Martin A.  Methylation protects cytidines from AID-mediated deamination.
Mol Immunol. 2005


●Larijani M, Frieder D, Basit W, Martin A. The mutation spectrum of purified AID is similar to the mutability index in Ramos cells and in ung(-/-)msh2(-/-) mice. Immunogenetics. 2005. 


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