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Division of BioMedical Sciences

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Current Lab members:

Lesley Burghuis, Research Assistant,
Heather Fifield, Research Assistant,
Krista Squires, Research Assistant,
Hala Abdouni, M.Sc. Candidate,
Justin King, Ph.D. Candidate,
Mahdi Asgharpour, Ph.D. Candidate,
Atefeh Ghorbani, Ph.D. Candidate,
Emma Quinlan, Ph.D. Candidate,
Faezeh Borzooee, M.Sc. Candidate,
Sarah Branton, M.Sc. Candidate,
David Gale, M.Sc. Candidate, (co-supervised with Dr. Erika Merschrod, Department of Chemistry)
Justin Upshall, Undergraduate research student,
Courntey Manuel, Undergraduate research student,

2015: Jan Dasilla, Undergraduate exchange student
2014-2015: Rebecca Eudenbach, Undergraduate exchange student
2014-2015: Erin McCarthy, Undergraduate research student
2014-2015: Fabian Zimmerman, Undergraduate exchange student
2014: Catherine Lablanc, Undergraduate reserach student
2014: Timothy Caudle, Undergraduate research student
2012-2014: Courtney Manuel, Undergraduate research student
2013-2014: Patricia Sutter, Undergraduate exchange research student
2012-2013: David Gale, Undergraduate reserach student
2011-2013: Mussa Suliman, M.Sc.
2012-2013: Crystal Barrett, Undergraduate research student
2012-2013: Lisa Bacque, Undergraduate research student
2012-2013: Erica Fitzgerald, Undergraduate research student
2011-2012: Mathew Qinlan, Undergraduate research assistant
2011-2012: Ryan Marshall, Undergraduate research assistant
2009-2012: Mahdis Monajemi, M.Sc.
2011-2012: Susanne Raber, Undergraduate exchange research student
2009-2011: Alex Dancyger, M.Sc.
2009-2011: Heather Lucas, M.Sc.
2009-2010: Stephanie Tucker, Research assistant
2009-2010: William Stokes, Undergraduate research student
2009-2011: Claire Woodworth, Undergraduate research student


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